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Jayoen Wellness®

Jayoen Wellness was founded in 2000 in Chennai - Tamilnadu, (India) to support worldwide Supplies of the Natural & Organic Cosmetics Making Raw materials for the Ha...View More


Soap Bases


Silicone Soap Moulds

Herbal Extracts

Fruits & Vegetable Powders

Lab Glass Wares & Accessories

Safety Wares


Candle Making Supplies

Cosmetic Containers

Hydrosols / Floral Waters

Essential Oils

CP Stable Fragrance Oils

Liquid Bases

Cosmetic Bases

Liquid Colours For Melt & Pour Soaps

Skin Safe Colourants For Cold Process Soaps - (Powder Form)

Mica Powder - Simmer Glittering Colourants

Lip and Eye Safe Colors ( FDA Approved ) - Oil Soluble

Non Bleeding Dispersion Colours - Water Soluble

Silicone Soap Moulds

Soap Cutters & Tools

Packing Materials

Cosmetics Gels

Herbals & Powders

Cosmetics Chemicals

Lip Flavoring Oils - Oil Soluble

Actives for skin care


Moisturizing Agents

Thickening Agents



Cosmetic Clays

Fragrance Oils

Carrier Oils - Cold Pressed

Butters - Cosmetic Grade